Importance of Directory Listings and Reviews

Importance of Directory Listings and Reviews

The Importance of Directory Listings and Online Reviews Cannot be Understated.

Yesterday I attended an  event for the Utah chapter of the American Marketing Association’ Lunch and Learn session called “From Clicks to Conversion- Why Focusing on Traffic is Doing it Wrong”.  The focus was on how one can improve organic ranking using local directories and online reviews.

Google is constantly changing  Its algorithm and Its rules on how It decides what is relevant or not. The most recent update looks at local directory listings and online reviews to help guide users to relevant and local sites.

Online reviews

To get a better organic listing it is recommended that a company has at least five reviews on the top five online review sites; Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Insider Pages, and Super Pages. offers services as well as a form you can give to your clients to request they do a review for you.


Several online review sites have templates you can use to email or mail to your customers to request they give you a review.  The following are links you can use to help you reach out to your customers online.


Google mailed/hand out, Google e-mail template, Yelp guidelines, Yelp sticker request, Super pages review template.

Request reviews from you customers often to quickly organically rank higher online.

Dont take my word for it. Here is great infographic I found online that lays out just how important online reviews can be to a business.  (see


Local Directories

Local directory are also important,  they help tie your business to a local relevant site.  A good way to get a credible and reliable link to a local and relevant source is to use local media sites. In Utah a few places that are good are The Standard Examiner, ABC 4 News, KSL, and much more.

Local news sites are great to be tied to since they are constantly updating and creating new and relevant local content online.

Here are a few sample sites. Utahfindit,, KSL News


There are hundred of sites online that have a directory listing function. Attached is a list of the most popular provided by

directory listings

Make sure all of your information like website, physical address, and phone number are consistent across all platforms and directories. Something as simple as an old phone number can hurt your online rankings. Many companies offer services to do this for you. They have software that can comb through all your directories and look for inconsistencies and fix them. These same company probably have some sort of reputation management software you can use to monitor your online reviews as well.


Online reviews and local directory listings are great tools to help get your site listed higher organically. Request online reviews from your customers frequently and try to get at least five ratings on the top five review sites. Use local online directories to get a strong local ranking.


Please visit to request more information about the services they offer to help your company get the desired online results. Click Here


Questions? Comments? Leave a remark below.

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About Me Download

About Me Download

Learn About Me Downloadable Content

A sample of what makes me who I am

Matthew T Elggren

Head shot of Matthew T Elggren

If you love me so much that would like to take me home…Too bad. I will however provide you with this downloadable PDF about me. It is a summary of who I am and what people say about me. Click here



About Me Download>Did it work? if not click on PDF below

PDF document with a summary about me

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AMA Site Visit to Thomas Arts

AMA Site Visit to Thomas Arts

thomas arts logo

Special thanks to Nathan Schwebach from Thomas Arts for showing the University of Utah American Marketing Club how a full service marketing firm runs. Nathan gave two pieces of advice to all students looking to make in big in the marketing world.


1)      Internships are key to good job placement.

Doing several internships allow student to obtain experience and set themselves apart from graduating students from the 5 other universities with similar marketing degrees. are


2)      Never burn any bridges.

The marketing and communications industry is too small to burn any bridges. Always maintain good relationships with clients and coworkers since other in the industry know one another.


In addition to this great advice Nathan answered various questions from club members. After a lengthy Q&A session, AMA members were treated to a tour of the facilities and saw the different functions a full service marketing company. Such services include:


  • Film and audio production
  • Creative
  • IT
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Print services


Each Client of Thomas Arts is overseen by either an account executive or manger and supporting staff.

Club members were treated to free drinks from the soda fountain in the break room.

Thanks again for everyone who made this site visit possible and hope another visit is in the future.


Next week the American Marketing Association will be treated to hear a guest speaker from Lendio.




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AMA Site Visit to Skullcandy

AMA Site Visit to Skullcandy







Logo of Skull Candy HeadphonesLast Wednesday February 6th the University of Utah’s AMA chapter had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Park City Utah and visit Skullcandy Headphones’ corporate headquarters.  We met with Max Joda 2XL & Platform eCommerce Manager and the heads of the paid and non paid online marketing team.

What We Learned

We learned about the importance of content marketing with the new Google panda search algorithm. Link building and meta tag keywords are no longer sufficient or even the main source for Google’s new algorithm. Google now focuses on good content. What is in the page? What images and media are used? Is the site relevant? Who is talking about the site using social media?These are a few question a developer must consider.

Skullcandy is a great example of content marketing. A quick visit to Skullcandy’s website reveals how it uses content to constantly be ranked in the top three non paid search positions on Google. Skull candy uses videos, blogs, news, product info, links to social media sites like Google Plus and more to generate a large amount of relevant content.

Online marketing can be broken in to two categories: paid search and non paid search.

Paid Search

Paid search is anything results that are non organic and that is paid for. A good example of paid search results is Google Adwords. Google uses a unique bidding system to determine what sites get listed on the front page.  There are two ways to win bids for good spots.

  1. Outbid everyone else by paying more for select search terms.
  2. Outbid everyone by having the highest quality score and bid price

The second option is the least expensive option. Google looks at your landing page and desired search term and then assigns a quality score to your search term. Those who have a high quality score will pay less to get top spots on Google.

The first option is great if your content is still needing to be developed and your quality score is low. Newer start up companies and sites with poor content will likely need to set bidding budgets high if the quality score is low.

Non Paid Search

Non paid search terms (also called organic search) relies heavily on content marketing. Social media sites like Google Plus, (Heavily favored by Google) Facebook, and twitter are used to help generate content. Social media sites are an excellent way to generate buzz. When a company writes a review that is one thing, but when a customer is the one doing the writing, it creates instant credibility. Social media sites allow users or customers to generate content. Often, companies will only need to post once a day. Social media site are great ways to micro blog.

Blogs/News are another way to generate content. Skullcandy uses news stories to generate content that is appealing and interesting to customers. Blogs are a excellent place to place photos and videos and write content that is relevant to desired search terms. Many of blogs like Skullcandy’s allow users to comment and share article they read on the site.



Skullcandy consistently shows up on the first page globally for desired search terms such as: headphones, earbuds, and quality headphones. Page one results are obtained both organically and in paid results because of excellent content marketing.



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Thomas Arts Marketing Job Shadow

Thomas Arts Marketing Job Shadow


Special thanks to Thomas Arts and specifically Jason Sargent in Account Management to allow me to shadow last Wednesday Jan 30. Not only did I get to see how the department runs but Thomas Arts was kind enough to purchase a ticket to the annual One Show sponsored by the AAF.

I learned much about account management like how each department works together to meet deadlines and provide a product clients are well pleased with. Account management is at the beginning, middle and end of  the process. Account managers are the middle man between clients and agency working to achieve success for the agencies clients.

Like any add agency Thomas Arts Works hard to ensure its clients needs are met. Many Thomas Arts employees work around the clock to meet its clients needs. Several employees mentioned they worked more than 40 hours a week. Scheduling is flexible, not your typical 9-5 job. As long as the work in completed on time and in a suitable manner employees are free to work their own schedule.

Thanks again to Jason Sargent and Thomas Arts for giving me the opportunity to job shadow at an amazing ad agency. I hope I get the chance to work with Thomas Arts again in the future.

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